Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat, 5 - 9 Oct 2017

5 days 4 nights

Ompulence Retreat

Chiang Mai Retreat 2017 Flyer 1

Om Namah Sivaya, thank you for your interest in our yoga retreat. I am Carol (Saraswati),
your retreat leader from Singapore. Arjuna (from Portugal) and myself will be leading in this
yoga programme. Click on the video below so that I can share a little bit more
on how this retreat can help you rejuvenate. Om Shanti


It has always been in my wish list to attend a yoga retreat.  I am glad to chance upon Ompulence while doing my online research and Viola!! … By far, this is the most relaxing and rejuvenating trip I ever had!!  I would definitely recommend this yoga retreat to anyone who is game for it!

Everybody, to the varying degrees of yoga experience, gelled so naturally with one another, with the teachers and with the space. This resulted in a group flow of energy I rarely experienced…
The stars effortlessly aligned and the result was a truly beautiful retreat.
British / Italian

…The yoga sala, the tranquil surrounds, as well as the encouraging voices of Saraswati and Arjuna really uplifted our spirits and determination to deepen our learning each time. The organization and preparation was flawless.

Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat Sep 2016

Leave us your contact details here and
we can have a 15mins skype session
to allow you to find out more on how this
retreat can help you to
relax and rejuvenate
Om Shanti

Bali Yoga Retreat Mar 2014

Ompulence Retreat offers yoga retreats in Chiang Mai, Bali and Portugal that shares Sivananda Yoga and the yogic lifestyle through vegetarian diet, satsanga, karma yoga, and more. 2017’s October yoga retreat will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Please contact for more information.

For ongoing Sivananda yoga classes, please log on to for details. Ompulence offers yoga, pilates and dance classes for private, group and corporate.

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