Classical Hatha Yoga Day Event

Singapore, Oct 14 - 18 , 2015

Ompulence Retreat

yoga day flyer (latest)We are organising the first Classical Hatha Yoga Day Event in Singapore. The goal of this event is to allow more people to experience the 5 points of yoga as yoga asana practice is only one part of yoga. We will elaborate more on proper diet, meditation and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) during the workshop. There will also be vegetarian cooking workshops led by Arjuna (please click on event workshop, under program page) and satsang led by the instructors to introduce meditation, mantra chanting and kirtan singing.


Ompulence Retreat offers yoga retreats in Bali and Portugal that shares Sivananda Yoga and the yogic lifestyle through vegetarian diet, satsanga, karma yoga, and more. 2016 March yoga retreat will be in Azores, Portugal. More information in October.

Ompulence offers yoga, pilates and dance classes.

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