Arjuna Scorpion

Arjuna is from Portugal and has been practicing Sivananda Yoga since 2000.

He attended his first yoga teacher course in 2005 in Lisbon and thereafter, he attended the Sivananda Teacher’s Training course in Scotland in 2007.

Since then, Arjuna has been living the yoga lifestyle, deepening the practice of yoga. He started his first yoga studio in 2008 and had also dedicated three years volunteering as a staff in Sivananda Ashram in France and London. Arjuna is an active karma yogi, frequently invited by Swamis to volunteer in Madrid, Paris, London, and Lisbon, teaching and cooking vegetarian food based on the principles of Ayurveda.

In 2013, Arjuna had been approached by the Swamis to teach asanas to the new teachers in the London Teacher’s Training Course, guiding them to be certified yoga instructors.

In the same year, he also started his own yoga centre, Arjuna Yoga Anjos, in Lisbon, running daily yoga classes and yoga workshops/retreats. Since 2013, he has been the asana yoga instructor for the Teachers’ Training Course in London. He has also been leading annual yoga retreat in Azores, Portugal since 2015.

Arjuna finds great meaning in the words of Jesus and Master Sivananda. He continues diligently to apply their great teachings in his daily life and way of teaching. He finds much peace and happiness traveling around the world serving as a karma yogi in the big Sivananda family.




Saraswati (Carol)

Saraswati’s personal yoga journey began in 2011 when there was a calling for her to search for a yoga practice that she could connect with deeply.

As she had already been teaching dance and pilates for more than 16 years, Saraswati wanted a new practice to find balance and peace.

Her first contact with Sivananda Yoga was the answer to this search for a spiritual and holistic practice. Without hesitation, she committed to the Sivananda Teacher’s Training Course in 2012 and also completed the Advanced Teacher’s Training Course in early 2016.

Attending different Sivananda instructors’ classes, Saraswati has gained much insights to teaching and yoga practice from Swamis and senior teachers from Europe, India, and Singapore.

Her first visit to India, attending Swami Govindanada’s Sadhana camp, instilled such awe in her in so many ways. It basically stripped away the ego by layers, making a choice to live simply. With this new transformation, Saraswati continues to connect with her heart whenever serving as a yoga instructor.

Saraswasti has taught yoga in Sivanada Singapore, Portugal and Rishikesh, Fitness First, Gallery Helios, corporate companies and led yoga retreats in Bali and Chiang Mai. She created an elective course syllabus on introduction to Hatha Yoga and Pilates Matwork for the university students in Singapore (Nanyang Technological University and National Institute of Education). She is the pioneer instructor teaching this elective course in NTU and NIE and she had reached out to hundreds of students since launch in 2015.

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